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We Are Connected

We are connected heart to heart.
And to further better our lives and others,
We must do our part.

So that what has started will never end,
Continuing to produce strong and productive women and men.

Who accepts their role and not run from the responsibilities of life,

But forever be the example of victory in this fight.

One of struggle in which we all have a tale,
by which in our coming  together we have prevailed.

Giving hope and encouragement
“My brother my sister your dream will not die”

We are connected…..

Legacy Alumni.


To bring students together who have completed and participated in the Welfare Reform Liaison Project. Assisting students who need additional support to achieve their goals successfully through developing the necessary character, knowledge, skills, abilities and work experiences essential to becoming self-sufficient. That we may come together in fortitude of unity, and return to our communities with a commitment in our hearts to be examples of the returns on investing in programs and partnerships which has made the difference in our lives and enhanced our sociological perspective so that we never forget the journey or the people who took a stand to help us overcome obstacles, challenge ourselves to rise above poverty. To encourage participation in programs that will prepare them to take personal responsibility for their families, for their future and make a difference in the world we live in.
~ Sinda Lewis


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